10 Plants To Naturally Repel morning side farmers market Mosquitoes From Your Garden

After an hour, strain the solution and use a spray bottle to saturate mosquito-prone parts of the house. The greatest approach to prevent mosquitoes from invading your home is to grow these plants yourself! The fact that it’s an invasive weed means that it grows quickly and may be easily grown in pots. Citronella is a citronella-like scent that repels insects when crushed leaves are used.

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  • While cats are certainly attracted to it, the plant has the opposite effect on mosquitoes.
  • Thank you for reading about our mosquito repelling plants.
  • Leave these bowls on windowsills and deck tables where mosquitoes are likely to be present.
  • But instead of resorting to chemicals, you can drive away the biting pests with natural means.
  • Tea trees will help to repel mosquitoes and other insects with their strong scent.

Ageratum prefers partial sun in warmer zones and likes well-drained, but moist soil. With increasingly woody stalks as it gets larger, its flowers have distinct umbrage and frequently morning side farmers market have two colors on the same bundle. The scent is sharp citrus and there are plenty of folks who dislike it, so we usually think of it more for its visual appeal than its aroma. These tough, drought-resistant perennials like full sun with well-drained soil for their bulbs. Alternatively, you can dab the oil on your hammock or clothing, or just spread a few crushed leaves around your chair.

Citronella is used in numerous insect repellents, candles, and products to keep insects at a distance. Usually cultivated outdoors, it is still a great, low-maintenance indoor plant. Leaves can be removed from the stems and crushed to release the scent or can be burnt. Burning is especially effective for keeping mosquitoes away.

Lime Basil

If you want to keep mosquitoes away from your porch, pathway, or any other place near your seating area, consider planting lemongrass. Eucalyptus, especially Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus citriodora, work as a barrier against mosquitoes, aphids, flies, and beetles. The cool mint and the pine-like scent of this tree help in deterring them away from your surroundings.

How To Use Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Keeping mosquitoes away from you and your family can be as simple as planting some of these mosquito repellent plants in your garden. Most of these plants you might already have in your garden, or you might use them in your culinary recipes regularly. Try planting a few of these in your garden beds or containers around your patio for the best effects.

Drain pools or other containers when not needed, and consider adding lids or screening to places you can’t drain. Keep your plants near busy entrances to stop them from buzzing in as people come and go. Bedrooms and common living areas are the next placement spots, to keep them out of the room. Use a well-draining potting soil mix, watering when the surface is dry to the touch. It can be sensitive to either too much or too little water. Basil doesn’t handle dry conditions very well, but you also don’t want to drown the roots.

Use it at night and by the morning, the yard will be ready for the whole family to enjoy, from pets to parents. Use the rest of that cedar oil to make DIY cleaning spray. This beautiful plant is usually used in cooking dishes but it is an excellent mosquito repellent too. You can keep it indoors or out, but one thing that you need to ensure is that it gets full sun.

So, like many other insects in your garden, mosquitoes are sustaining themselves primarily on nectar from flowering plans. Often labeled as “mosquito plants” in big-box stores, this leafy plant is actually a type of geranium. Citronella oil can be most effectively extracted from citronella grass, though. Remember, these plants only repel mosquitoes, they aren’t going to actually kill the bugs.

Even the dining table and television screen in your home might benefit from this spray. Mosquitoes that this easy-to-grow flowering plant manages to fend off admirably. Nodding The umbels of the onion face downward, “nodding” toward the earth, making it one of the most distinctive flowers.

Its foliage can be crushed and rubbed directly on the skin. It may not be as effective as a chemical spray, but it will not expose you to harmful elements, and by cultivating it, you’ll always have a supply on hand. One bug, in particular, can ruin any outdoor activity, and that is the mosquito, a perennial pain in the backside. Mosquitoes will ruin an evening meal or barbeque, and make you, family, and friends miserable and irritated. In addition to being environmentally beneficial, it’s a fantastic way to repurpose your coffee grounds!

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